Squamous Cell Carcinoma Treatment in Covington, LA

Squamous cell carcinoma is one of the most common forms of skin cancer. Fortunately, it is also easily treated with early detection. Baldone Reina Dermatology offers squamous cell carcinoma treatment to men and women living in New Orleans, Covington, the Northshore and Mandeville, LA.

What is Squamous Cell Carcinoma?

Squamous Cell Carcinoma Treatment in New Orleans, LASquamous cell carcinoma is a form of skin cancer that affects the squamous cells, which are found in the tissue that forms the skin’s surface. Like other forms of skin cancer, squamous cell carcinoma commonly develops in areas that are frequently exposed to the sun. This includes areas like the head, face, neck and arms. If you are affected by squamous cell carcinoma, you may develop red sores or rough patches of skin. Fortunately, squamous cell carcinoma can be successfully treated when detected early.

How Much Does Squamous Cell Carcinoma Treatment Cost?

If you choose to pursue squamous cell carcinoma treatment at Baldone Reina Dermatology, you will first have a consultation with one of our board-certified dermatologists. During this consultation, we will assess your current condition in order to determine the best approach for your treatment. In many cases, the cost of squamous cell carcinoma treatment is covered by health insurance. After developing your treatment plan and determining your health insurance coverage, we will be able to provide you with the cost of treatment.

What is Squamous Cell Carcinoma Treatment Like?

At Baldone Reina Dermatology, we perform traditional excisional surgery as well as Mohs surgery for the treatment of squamous cell carcinoma. In some cases, simple excision may be sufficient, although Mohs surgery is our preferred approach. Mohs surgery is an advanced technique that eliminates cancerous skin tissue layer by layer, preventing damage to healthy skin tissue while ensuring the complete removal of cancerous cells. This treatment is performed in-office using local anesthesia. During treatment, we first remove the layer of skin where the cancerous growth is located. The skin will then be examined under a microscope to determine if there are additional cancerous cells remaining. If there are, we will remove the next affected layer, repeating this process until all cancerous cells are eliminated.

What is the Recovery Period Like Following Squamous Cell Carcinoma Treatment?

Regardless of the technique used, recovery from basal cell carcinoma treatment is usually minimal- with complete healing within one to two weeks. However, your exact recovery will vary depending on the extent of treatment performed. We will provide you with post-operative instructions to ensure you have a smooth recovery. Most patients are able to return to their usual activities within days of treatment.

To begin your squamous cell carcinoma treatment at Baldone Reina Dermatology, contact us today. We welcome patients from Slidell, New Orleans, Covington and the surrounding cities in Louisiana.